21 Gifts for Artful Kids

Many times I’ve been asked about the materials we use at the studio.  So, here’s a cool gift guide for kids who are really invested in exploring arts and crafts.  Give them the gift of art, whether they are painting, drawing, sculpting or crafting. Here are 21 gifts to consider:

  1.  Comic Book Kit

This kit combines drawing with storytelling. Best for ages 6 and up.

2. Arts and Crafts Metallic Library

Metallic Arts and Crafts Library
For your tiny crafting queen

3.  Winter Wonderland Kit

Winter Wonderland
I love this one because you can display it through the holiday season!

4.    MOMA Kits

MOMA kit
This kit is great for kids 6 and older. Van Gogh genius in a box!

5.  Wood Parts MiniWorlds

Wood Mini Worlds
For the kid who loves to build things, this box is a world of possibilities. Just use White glue and watercolors!

6.  Polymer Clay Kit

Polymer Clay Kit
Create your own charms and miniature objects by sculpting colorful clay!

7.  Polymer Clay Charms

Polymer Clay Charms
Sculpt unique charms. If your kid loves friendship bracelet, this is a twin obsession! Best for kids 7 and older.

8.  Model Magic Sculpting Clay

The possibilities are endless! Pinterest search it and you can sculpt anything out of model magic. For all ages!

9.   STEAM Play and Learn DIY Projects

If you love educational DIY books, get this one. It’s full of fun inexpensive educational projects. For all ages.

10.  Best Color Pencils

For your drawing obsessed kid, these are worth every penny! Best for kids 4 and older.

11.  Oil Pastels

These oil pastels are student grade, but their pigment feels like artist grade. Good for every age!

12.  Crayola Construction Paper Crayons

After kids use these they don’t like to go back to regular crayons. Construction Paper crayons are pretty waxy and great for coloring on colored paper, and any paper really! For all ages.

13.  White Gel pen on and Black Paper

Sometimes, kids just want to experiment, and drawing on black paper with white ink takes it to the next level! For all ages.

14.  Washi Tape Art

Kids can’t get enough of this! We go through so many rolls in the studio. Surprise them with color paper and washi tape and just sit back and relax. Best for kids 4 and older.

15.  Watercolor Cake Set

We use them all time, and kids learn quickly to swirl the brush long enough to get the dry paint out. For all ages.

16.  Books About Artists

This one is among favorite books! Best for 6 and older.

17.  Coloring Books

Not just a coloring book, it’s also great for learning to draw. Good for kids 4 and older.

18.  Ikea Coloring Poster

This coloring roll is perfect for an activity if you are traveling during the holidays. For ages 4 and older.

19.  Ikea Squeezable Paints

Messy put fun, these squeezable paints are great for kids all ages.

20.  Artist Wooden Model

These models make great canvases for designing fashion dolls of any kind. Use with paint, permanent markers and fabric and yarn. All ages.

21.  Dry Erase Board

Kids love dry erase boards. Great for doodling, writing and just loosening the drawing muscles. We use it everyday before bedtime. You can take them anywhere too. For ages 2 and up.

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