My goal here is simple: I want my young children and yours to experience this wonderful creative world, by intently focusing on the process of exploring and making art as they learn to manipulate the tools and materials that will enhance their creative experiences. Kids that get to do this periodically learn so many skills that serve them well into the future, regardless of what vocation they decide for themselves. The visual arts is a great foundation in developing the child as a whole. Art teaches kids to problem solve, to be independent thinkers, to learn the value of working collaboratively, and also to build self-confidence. But most importantly, it’s fun, and worth the mess!

So let’s get messy!



Our mission is to offer community children a well rounded art exploration studio through classes and workshops that allow them to explore and grow their creativity. We believe the arts and crafts are an integral part of childhood. When children can experience process and product oriented art, as well as material manipulation on a regular basis, they are reaping developmental benefits while nurturing their connection to the world.