Welcome to the ATELIER.  We offer hands-on art enrichment classes using techniques and tools to help kids become creative thinkers. Have you wanted to give your children an art space but are too busy or unwilling to make messes at home?  Our atelier is a nurturing environment for art exploration and self-expression.  From morning toddler classes, after-school enrichment and weekend classes, including camps and workshops designed for children to become curious, bold art tinkerers. We explore different artists, art movements, organic processes and techniques using up-cycled materials, and a wide range of mediums to enhance their creative expression.  The Atelier is a process oriented and product based approach to the arts because we believe this is the best way for children to get all the developmental benefits the creative process has to offer.  From fine motor skills tuning to creative articulation, confidence-building and problem-solving techniques, our ultimate goal is for your kids to feel inspired and connected. We hope you can join in all the fun.